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Koham Red Max

Sales price: $1,299.00
Sales price without tax: $1,299.00

  The Red Max pruner provides clean and accurate cuttings of up to 40mm/1.57''.  This is ideal for those large hard-wood branches that other pruners won't scratch.  Our long-lasting lithium-ion battery provides 6 to 10 hours of battery life.  The cutting speed is a blazing 80-100 cuts/minute and users can select from two blade opening sizes.  One for large branches and a smaller setting to save battery life when cutting smaller branches or vines.


The easy trigger operation significantly reduce user hand and wrist stress, virtually eliminating Repetitive Motion and Carpal Tunnel injuries.  Power pruning is particularly helpful for older workers who may deal with joint pain that can restrict their activities.  The slim design allows for cutting in restricted spaces.  



Maximum Opening: 40mm/1.57''  

Semi-Opening: 20mm/0.8''  

Blade: Premium Quality Steel with Bypass design  

Drive Mode: Ball Screw  

Power: 400 W  

Motor Speed: 9500 RPM

Motor: Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) Motor    


Battery Runtime: 6-10 hours ( For longer use, additional batteries are available) 

Charge Time: 3-4 hours  

Battery Weight: 1400g/3.08 lbs  

Rated Current: 45A

Battery Voltage: 36V    

 Set Includes:  

Tool box, electric pruning shear, lithium battery pack, charger, cable, battery harness and holster,

user manual, warranty card, hex wrench, slip stone, replacement blade. 


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