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Koham Red Wizard Pruner

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Sales price: $749.00
Sales price without tax: $749.00




* Kit comes complete, including pruner, battery, charger, cables, tool carrier, spray oil, and work vest.

*Two key design features are our powerful Lithium Ion Battery and our high-end Brushless Motor. 

-Our battery provides the power to cleanly and quickly accomplish the desired cuts throughout the day. 

-Our Brushless Motor is more efficient, creates less friction heat, and eliminates motor brush maintenance and replacement.  

When needed, repairs are completed at our sales & service office in Casper, WY.

Our cutting blade is made of high quality SK5 Japanese steel.

High quality durable harness makes for comfortable easy handling while you prune. 


Why Electric:

1. Virtually eliminate lost time and medical expenses related to Repetitive Motion and Carpal Tunnel injuries.

2. Reduced hand fatigue increases workday productivity by up to 40%.

3. Reduce labor cost up to 30%.

4. A cleaner pruning cut allowing for faster healing.

5. Works efficiently in tight and restricted spaces.

6. Less cumbersome system, fewer tools to carry.

7. Less environmental disturbance with quick quiet cutting.

8. No environmental emissions.

9. Less than 1 YEAR return on investment.

10. A better working environment, workers appreciate less pain and stress.

The Koham Red Wizard Electric Pruning Shear offers a quality and durable pruning tool at an affordable price.
It also offers an attractive, pain free, alternative to hand pruning.
The Red Wizard model electric pruner is virtually the same as the Blue Pro electric pruner. 
The difference is a lighter battery which generates less cutting force and maintains power for a shorter operating time.


  • Precise cutting, clean-up both older wood and newer shoots effortlessly.
  • Cutting is powerful (up to 1" (25mm) diameter and quick (80 cuts/minute).
  • Pruning shears that are very easy to handle, weighing only 2 lbs (935g).
  • Adaptable for right-handed or left-handed use.
  • 24 months warranty on pruner. 
  • Zero compressor-generated emissions

Technical Specifications:

  • Battery voltage: DC 24V
  • Battery pack autonomy: Around 6 hours (For longer use, additional batteries are available) 
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Battery Warranty: 12 months



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