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Let us find out What do they think of  Koham Electric Pruner! 

1. I have been to one of the orchards and the pruner seems to be working well. We are getting good feedback from the operators.-- Peter McNamara, at Matahui Orchard in New Zealand
2."The Koham pruner saved me lots of time. Plus my hands didn't get sore. It is a very strong tool. I was very impressed with its strength."-- Mike Schwartzkopf-owner of Oil Capital Tree Service
3. "Koham Pruner is very light and very easy to handle, it makes a very nice and clean cut, they cut through older thicker wood just as easily as younger wood. It saves me a lot of labor, and help with the arthritis.--Patrick Zimmerer-Owner of Table Mountain Vineyards -Huntley, WY

4. This Past winter was horrific on Cape Cod for many plants, including the hydrangea.  There was a tremendous amount of winter kill on each plant.  I have 70 plus lining my drive and each plant had an average of 40 dead branches.  I began cutting with old fashioned pruning shears, and my right hand still aches.  I have lots of shrubs in the landscaping of my acre+ lot, and many were overgrown.The size of most of the stems ranged from 1/2” to 1”.  It took me about 4 hours using the Koham pruner, and the cuttings made up a truck load.  I am a 78 year old slight of build woman, and found the Koham pruner easy to use.  The weight of the battery did not feel heavy, and while searching for the next branch to cut, I holstered the pruner.  Being able to do that relieved me of carrying the weight and saved fatigue. - Ann from MA

5. Going out now to finish up my rose pruning and prune back the table grapes.  Can't wait to use it on my fruit trees.  It has made a big positive differance in how my old hand and wrist feels after hours of pruning.  It's just so much faster too. -- Bill from Tigard, OR.

6. Ray Krause of Westbrook Wine Farm says our pruners will be valuable in his spring pruning operation, and exceptionally useful for pre-pruning operations.  Ray also feels the increases in labor costs will make electric pruning a valuable cost saving tool in the future. -- Ray Krause/Westbrook Wine Farm Vineyard and Winery, O’Neals, CA.


7. Hyman called us and told us he is using this blue cutter for his muscadine, he loves it and the battery is really good too.   Hyman from SC 

8 Greg at CA gave us a short video about our Koham Blue Pro Pruner. 

9. The Koham blue trimmers work unbelievably fast trimming back citrus tree here in San Diego, California. You have permission to use video of Lissy Keily on our Maness Vineyards management team as she trims back the branches of our Estate tangerine trees. About 50% time was saved trimming out six trees. We will try this on our olive trees next. Excellent product, enjoy the short video:
Grego Maness Maness Vineyards and Casi Cielo Farm LLC

10I purchased a Blue Pro for my Rose care business.  I have been making cuts up to 1", with no effort at all.  I have increased my productivity by 3X.  I am in love! ---Janet Miller at Sisters Rose Care in Louisville, KY.  

11. Check out our Video Channel on 

12. Koham Blue Pro testing with Bill at Green Garden.


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