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Frequently Asked Questions


Why would I want an electric pruner?
Most professionals find the use of electrical pruners increases their pruning speed by 20-50% over manual hand pruners.  This equates directly to anincrease in one’s bottom line.  Interestingly, many professionals using electric pruners also report a noticeably better pruning job.  It’s natural for workers to avoid the hardercuts toward the end of a shift when they’ve grown tired.  The electric pruner lessens this syndrome measurably.  Better cuts even on the harder cuts. Finally there is the issue of R.S.I. (Repetitive Stress Injury) and all its ramifications. The electric pruner mitigates such costly injuries reducing lost
time and loss of valuable and skilled workers.  The aforementioned benefits of electric pruners are to all operations regardless of size.  Higher productivity, a better and a safer cut are aspectseveryone in the industry desires. Even the smallest operations will benefit from the implementation of electric pruners in their work force.

What is the warranty period?
Our pruners are warranted for one year against manufacturer related failures.  Koham batteries are warranted for 15 months (exclude improper usage).  If your pruner seems to be malfunctioning just give us a call and we’ll get you back up and running.  Our primary goal is to keep our clients operational and productive.  Koham LLC does reserve the right to inspect pruners to determine cause of failure and ascertain responsibility.  Other electronic pruners are so expensive!

How can Koham sell their product at a fraction of their prices?
Koham Company LTD, developed their product with the small to mid-sized commercial user in mind.  From our very beginnings, we knew we had to develop a product in a price range that was not prohibitive. Koham Company LTD.  Utilizes state-of-the-art technology to reduce costs allowing for the production of a world class product at a fraction of the cost of other pruners on the market. 

Is the Koham Pruner a quality product?
The Koham Electric Pruners have been manufactured to specifically meet the needs of the commercial agriculture and arboriculture industries.  Because of this, we have a product that is both simple to operate, and durable.

What kind of steel are the blades made of?
Our blades are made from SK-5 stainless steel.  SK-5 offers an excellent balance of toughness and superior edge holding while still being friendly tosharpen.  SK-5 steel has stood the test of time in the tool and knife industries throughout the world. We believe you’ll be rather impressed with our blades.

Can I lubricate and sharpen my pruner?
Yes, and we highly recommend a regular administration of light maintenance on our electric pruners.  We have an excellent video here on the video page detailing the procedures for lubricating the mechanicals of the pruner as well as sharpening the blade.  As with any professional cutting tool, keeping the blade sharp throughregular light maintenance is much easier than letting the blade grow completely dull and trying to restore the original cutting edge. Take a fewminutes to clean the blades, give the cutting blade a touch up with the sharpening stone included in your pruner kit and wipe the blades with a lightoil cloth for storage until its next use.  TIP:New blades have a break-in period during the initial use of the tool.  It’s a good idea to give the blade a touch up with the sharpening stone after the first 30 minutes of operation with a new pruner.  If you have any questions on points not addressed in the video just give us a call at 307-337-2810 - we love to talk pruners!

Can I get replacement parts?
Koham replacement parts and accessories will soon be available on the web site.  Until then give us a call with your needs and we’ll get you squared away.


How do I know when to recharge the battery?
The indicator light on the battery will show green when the batter is charged.  A red light indicates that a charge is needed. Also, the blade cutting power will be reduced when a charge is required.  Charging after a day of work is always recommended.

How long will my battery last?
Our batteries are rated for at least 500 cycles and testing has shown them to run close to 1000 recharge cycles before needing replacement. In mostreal world applications you will probably realize 750+ recharge cycles from your Koham pruner battery.  Keep in mind Lithium Ion batteries do not like to be drained completely andthey don’t mind being charged after partial drainage.  Keep them out of extreme temperatures as much as possible and don’t drop them – all batteries hate that!  The life of your battery can be maximized with proper care as described in our user manual.

What is the policy of return a damaged battery?
Due to shipping restriction, the lithium Ion battery is a hazardous material class 9, if it is damaged, it is not returnable. Please recycle it according to your local waste facility.

What is the status of my order?
When you place your order on the web site you’ll receive a confirmation via email.  Once your order has shipped you’ll receive a tracking number so you can plan for its arrival.  Delivery times are 3-5 business days depending upon your location. You can always  send us an email. We respond to queries in a timely manner.



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