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The Koham Company name is an acronym of the key goals and aspirations that represent the company culture.


K….King.  Working to be the leader in our industry, providing the best electronic pruning shears and customer service.

O….Original.  Price competitive, but constantly striving to exceed world standards of quality.

H….Harmony.  Contributing positively to our communities and the environment.

A….Advanced Technology.  State-of-the-Art facilities and cutting edge technology.

M….Manufacturing.  Levels of quality and capacity that meet the needs of any distributor.


Koham Company, LTD. is a manufacturer of quality battery powered electric pruning shears for commercial use in the professional agricultural industry.  The Koham factory has the capability to produce electronic pruning shears in quantities large enough to meet the needs of any distributor.

Koham Company has designed, engineered, and extensively tested a line of electronic pruners that not only meet, but exceed, worldwide quality standards.  We offer a powerful and durable electric pruner that has become a labor-saving addition to the world agriculture industry.  The Koham Electric Pruner is the most affordable quality electric pruner on the market.

We look forward to becoming your supplier.

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